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Unable to agree with how to rule, gods and goddesses left earth to create new worlds. The god Helkithor left and gave up his power to create other gods and goddess whom he would call his children. Among them was Fyre, who became the goddess of creation by convincing her… Read More

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The final chapter of the His Redemption series. Matthias and Aurianna have found a home in Monsford, and a sanctuary in each other's arms. But the demon within Matthias fights against his bondage, and tempts Matthias with the promise of strength. Will Aurianna's love be enough to keep the demon… Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Call of the Moon is a Horror with lashings of Erotica, lightly inspired by Silent Hill and The Forbidden Game by LJ Smith. Lindsey is a normal woman trying to get through life, but life is biting back and is in total chaos. To make matters worse, she is getting… Read More

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