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‘No, I take you to the hot tub, we down some gins, we do the show, then, I take you!’ ‘Maybe,’ she said, smiling smugly to herself, ‘Maybe I’ll take you!’ He put on his tightest thong. She dressed in her tiniest bikini. Happy, in love, so excited, they made… Read More
Silence, all around her. Then… The sound, of, heavy, breathing. Somewhere, behind, her. She dare not look! A cold drip of fear ran down her back. Madison Hendricks scarpered, a frightened bunny rabbit, ran for her life, to Kait, to safety. Or so it seemed.... Read More
‘Can I interest you in my luxury outside furniture?’ Read More

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October 27, 2021

I can’t do anything right so this poem is about that Read More

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