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I’ll never try to sell this as some brilliant fucking poetry. It’s not and it’s not meant to be. These are just my raw feelings about someone in my life. And I hope that me writing this and posting it out for the world to see (whether they care or… Read More

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His eyes were piercing as he laid them upon me. I felt butterflies in my stomach every time he would even smile at me. I knew after I found out what he did for a living I could never get involved with it or him non the less. but I… Read More
"I know you want me. You will always want me and I hope it breaks You. You will miss me in your bed, you will miss my lips, the softness off my skin. You will miss it all. I guess that's why this is good. Soon I'll just move again… Read More

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November 05, 2014

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Obsessive beautiful man falling for a hard-to-deal-with gorgeous lady. Read More
This is a story about a child prostitute, Ana. She has spent her life being a good church girl and now she craves the danger of her new found secret lifestyle. Being Ana is will not satisfy her, and thus is how her alter ego, Angel was born. I'm not… Read More
Later in the day, Tommy and Lola go across the street to the beach. At dusk, he lights a fire in the firepit and they lay on a blanket and make love until they're exhaused. What conclusions had they come to? Read More
A girl with it all looking for an out... Bluette Nordstrom has the perfect and most desired life to the outside eye looking in: wealthy fiance, wealthy family, she is well known and even better respected. But with a strange ability she is forced to keep secret, life isn't something… Read More
Jenny Barnes was disappointed with her life. Her marriage had failed, she was getting a divorce, and nothing seemed to be going her way...until she met a dark, dangerous stranger who'd give her the thrill of a lifetime. (Some of the chapters are going to be short, due to my… Read More

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