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It’s six am. I haven’t slept. This is the first poem I’ve ever written. If you’re looking for usual booksie smut, move your ass along please. Thanks. Read More

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"Really amazing, Megan. I think sorrow motivates poetry more than any other emotion. I'm so glad you spent time doing this. I'm sure he was ..." Read More

a Mom living at a Modular Trailer with her 17-year-old son is about to be Drugged and Raped by a Father, his 17-year-old son, and his son's best friend. Read More

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I wrote this a few years ago in the hope of finding the confidence to give it to my Dad face to face, sit with him while he read it, and begin a calm and rational dialogue. I hoped to find the perfect moment, but of course it has never… Read More
After their 'father' found the twins hiding place, he drags the two back to their home where they are the centre pieces to his dinner party for eleven work colleagues - each one desperate to have his way with the twins. Read More

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Little Naomi is kidnapped and taken to a strange place. Read and find out how she survives! Read More
Tilly and Elsie get hot and sweaty with their adoptive father Read More
Tilly and Elsie's birthday gets more interesting when they start to do a little show for their adoptive father Read More

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(FINISHED) (SEQUEL TO THIN ICE) Sam and Doug's friendship is still going strong, yet the saucy encounter between Sam and Doug's dad is still in the back of both their minds. Against all odds, Sam has actually managed to find a long term boyfriend and Doug is starting to make… Read More

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(FINISHED) Sam depends on her relationship with best friend Doug, it's the only thing in her life that she hasn't managed to screw up. But when she meets his dad for the first time, and her feelings for Doug start to shift, things start to get very complicated. Read More
How dose love work? Do nightmare's really come true? am i in one?! or..maybe im not..? I have never let anyone in and dont want to! but this person...Seems like he WONTS to know me...i feel loved and save around him like he dose care? Yes me might of took… Read More
Blake and Kaiden are from two completely different worlds with two completely different views and their life choices. One being more accepting and one threatening to kill anyone who doesn't follow the "right" way of life. But when their two worlds collide, will these two men be able to create… Read More
Hanna looks up at Nathan, "Why are you doing this? Do you know what will happen if I tell someone?" "Its funny how you think people will believe you. Because they wont, youre the daughter of a theif, a dead one at that!" Before she even thought about it, she… Read More

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He filled me up with his cum ..and I loved every minute of it. Read More

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November 23, 2011

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Conversation between Daddy and Daughter about Daddy's secret career. And about little virgins at school. Read More
The young boy, afraid of his father now, endures another experience with him. Read More
A story of a young boy who has a sexual experience with his father. Read More

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My feelings about my dad. This was a long time ago I felt like this. Read More

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