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Poem / True Confessions

September 05, 2018

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Poem / Other

December 01, 2015

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A self harm poem which reflects the drastic measures a person takes to escape the excruciating mental torture of those demonic voices which plague a victims mind. Disconnecting the mental pain is only replaced by the temporary physical agony which follows until one is finally put out of their misery… Read More
This is the next chuck of the story that I just finished writing, still not finished yet but coming close and remember this is the first draft. Once I hit the end I will be going back to fix the problems but please enjoy. Read More
When nothing goes right, I wish I had a heart attack... Ana-Marie has had a hard past and the present really isn't much better. And all this stuff that has happened to her has been building up inside her for years and has caused her to have serious depression. But… Read More
A young girl struggling with her depression and alcoholic mother, finds love but it's not exactly what she had expected. She soon finds out that love comes in many forms. Read More
My name is Ellen Elizabeth Beacham (El for short) and this is, obviously, my story. While it may not be fully considered as rated X, this autobiography may not be appropriate for some. Mine is not a pretty story, though it is completely true to my memory. Critique is most… Read More
Young girl, torn by the lost of a love and lack of parental love, gets caught up in the cycle of drugs. She journals of disspare and the wanting desire to set herself free from all the pain that surrounds her. Read More
Sorry, this story is a little graphic, but i wanted to tell my life story, and i though this was the best way. Read More
An entry for Erotica Challenge 2 / KuroiOokami1234 Desiri first appears in Velvet, Wood and Skin Read More
Poem about cutting. No, I don't get off on self-mutilation. This poem is about the relief of the pain, the feeling of being alive, after being so numb. Read More


January 25, 2011

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((Rated X for strong langue, some gore, and sex scenes that will be coming up at some point. You are warned now.)) Emma Grey was new student at Seneca Valley High School, and she only managed to find one friend here. She was the schools new freak, and not that… Read More

Book / Other

August 07, 2008

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Why does life hurt so much? cutting takes the edge off, so do pills, anorexia, alcohol and every other form of distraction. Read More

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