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Renesmee Cullen is more then everyone thought. Not just is she a half vampire, but she is also a witch! When Renesmee was two years old the Cullens decided to move to north England. When Renesmee was two and a half years old she was angry at her uncle Emmet… Read More
"I need you so much baby...missed you...missed fucking much." Holding my lover close, kissing her with every emotion I have to give her. NO MINORS 18 & over . R&R please much appreciated. A/R femme slash. RPOV. Apologies in advance, if the format is hard to read. Read More
!!!ON A BREAK BECAUSE OF WRITERS BLOCK AND TOO MANY OTHER PROJECTS GOING ON RIGHT NOW!!! Staring into the eyes of my grim reaper, my undertaker frightened me for the briefest second. Then something warm grabbed my fingers. A hand, but not just any hand- Jake's hand. I can do… Read More
Jasper, darker than most would think, has a thing for the mortal girl, Liha. So does the mortal boy, Nathan. With the Cullen’s, completely unaware of Jaspers moods, and Bella occupying all of Alice’s gift, what does Jasper have in store? Jasper x OC Read More
"Renesmee knew, that this was the end. Everything, she had worked for. Jacob. Her own Jacob, would dissapear tonight." This is pasted from my FanFic blog. If you want to read the original, go to (I DO NOT OWN TWILIGHT) Read More

Book / Adult Romance

January 16, 2010

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

What would happen if Bella and Edward’s second time wasn’t about Bella begging and Edward caving? Would they still find their way back to making love while Bella was still human? This story is a re-imagining of Edward and Bella’s second night of lovemaking, a week later in the blue… Read More

Book / General Erotica

January 15, 2010

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Lemony goodness - Bella & Edward join a ten week program that will make them explore there sex life to the full follow them on there journey with school of sex - RATED M - at least twenty lemons ten class's etc - a twilight fanfiction Read More
This is a story about when Edward lost Bella and finds some one else to for fill his needs and then something begins to grow and blossom Read More
A version of what could have happened the first time Edward and Bella made love. Not very good but I knew that, and I just wanted to get it out there. Read More

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