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March 04, 2018

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The meaning of why we all cry! Read More
When emotions get to strong to be held in heart, and eye deny to let them flow, I retort to the pen to save my heart of the outburst. Here is one. Read More
He left me. I was angry. I lost my mind. When anger and love gets the best of you... Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

a young women on her way home gets abducted and brutally gang raped and humiliated... will she ever escape from her tormentors? who knows... Read More
A poem about some girls who hurt me in the past. I made this in 7 minutes. Read More

Tags: death, girls, past, cry, rumors

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Roza Gonzales has had everything she has ever loved taken away from her, when she was 6 her parents were murdered at a robbery, leaving her orphaned. Growing up was hard, trying to get the best grades to get into the best college. One night as she is walking home… Read More
I was stunned to hear his words and about the interview which was never mentioned before. I would surely believe him if I hadn't been there and would make a fool of myself." Read More

Tags: friend, cry, betray

this poem i wrote to try and reflect the furustration of other peoples expectations of you. Read More

Tags: heart, josh, cry, walsh

Gay 17 year-old Starfer feels abandoned and lonely due to his parents dying when he was young and due to no one wanting him because he is gay. He rarely leaves his home, and the only time he does is when he either wants to refill his apple juice stock… Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Bill and Tom Kaulitz are sent to an Englush boarding school after the death of their parents- leavcing behind all fame, all money and their histories. How will they survive through these new experiences, and new feelings? Another twincest fan fic. Read More
just read it! Esp. all EMOS!!! When you feel: PAIN, EMO, LOVE, HATE, HURT, WRONG, ANGRY, EMO, CRY, LUST(?), etc. Read this!!! Read More

Tags: lust, love, pain, hate, hurt, wrong, angry, emo, cry, etc

Ann is a typical shy, quiet teenage girl until the night her brother's best friend Pablo Neyo decides to finally acknowledge her existence. In a desperate attempt to gain his acceptance she allows him to take the one thing every girl values most…her virginity. After that incident, Pablo constantly begins… Read More

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