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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

A humourous poem about a health issue which affects a lot of people,piles (haemorrhoids) is no laughing matter but when you have an itch then you got to scratch it. Read More
Meet Sasha, a young girl who for the past three years has been locked in a red room entertaining prominent members of society all under the watchful gaze of her master Jamal. This, the first part of a collection of stories, introduces the characters and begins to explore their relationship. Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Summer is hot and all shame is about to go to hell in Noah's dorm. The campus is about to become one big lust relief area. Read More
Dare of two friends in an open park..... Read More
Adult erotica. Please leave your comments and messages. I appreciate how my readers feel about my writing.. Read More
My bath ... cum and join me in my bath Read More
wanted to see what i could do with this subject, thought to broaden my ideas Read More
Just another chapter in my memories from england. Read More
Pleasurable and unexpected night for Edward with what he thought was with his wife only. ~ Rosalie continued to touch my body all over and play with my back door. She turned on the vibration and it felt unbelievable. The combination of that and Coraline's tongue swirling on my member… Read More
Beeing loved by someone unconditionally.Someone who loves to spoil. Read More

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