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Summary: Brent Coldwell is a popular rodeo star with a rising career. His hot, handsome, and a single father raising an eight-year-old Son. His rising career has him busier than ever, making him have to come to a decision in finding a nanny for his Son. The mayor of his… Read More
Summary: A forbidden love story between a young middle-class cowboy and a rich spoiled daughter of an important figure of the town of 1950’s Thomasville, Georgia. Annabelle Parker (Belle) is a spoiled rich eighteen-year-old young lady and daughter of William Parker (the mayor of the town) and Sue Lorain Parker… Read More
This saga continues as Melissa and Charlene look into their favorite cowboys. What lays ahead? Gregg has a secret he hasn't revealed to Melissa yet. Will she find out? Read More
Melissa continues in her mission for a story of a bull rider. Gregg is her perfect subject, in more ways than one. Is someone trying to interfere, are there others who want to keep secrets from being known? Read More

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A cowboy finds out something he didn't know about himself.. Read More

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A freelance writer needs a story for her magazine but can't come up with a story. While watching a rodeo on tv, she decides to do one about a bull rider. Soon, it becomes much more than about the man. Can she handle what she finds? Read More

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Older couple have been dating, but he's late for a date. Is he letting her down for a fall? Read More

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A magazine freelance writer needs to come up with an article and fast, but is running out of ideas. While flipping through the tv channels she comes across a rodeo; an idea hits her. What if I did a story about a bull rider? Her best friend thinks she has… Read More
It was natural to worship at a God's feet especially when he looked like the night. Read More

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Following a fight between Alexa and her Brianna, the latter ends up homeward bound to unravel some family secrets, while Alexa moves in with Kaden, determined to never go back home. Read More
A city girl’s journey into the rural heartland leads to unbounded pleasure… Read More
A cowboy makes love to a River Angel who gives him the hair off his skull as a bracelet to remember him by, when the River Angel is killed by another Angel, the cowboy must find true love with another man in order to remove the bracelet before suffering the… Read More
Short poem featuring rough sex, a stetson and of course; spurs Read More
Charlie and Colton were both footloose and fancy free and lying inside a pumpkin patch...wondering what to do next. Read More

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Carly and Chase were as thick as thieves growing up but what happens when they see each other in a new light? Read More
In the 1880s, Sheriff Royal Austin has to keep the peace but what does Carly James have planned when her husband's killer shows up? Read More
Carla's known Chase most of her life and he's known here but she's leaving for college soon and she wants him to see her as a woman not a little girl before she takes off. But will Chase bite? Read More
Character Pictures of my new story after Without You, I'm Lost! Read More
Bronson Lewis, with the help of sexy sheriff Colton Moss must hunt down the murderer Penny Boulevard, and go through a gang of bandits to do so. Along the way Bronson realizes he has feelings for Colton, but are the feelings mutual? Read More
Cinder's got a naughty proposition for Jared. If he can ride a bronco for 10 seconds, then he can ride her. Read More
The first time Amy meets Bob a bullriding cowboy she started to lust after him. Read More

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“I’m the one who found her so I’m going first” he told the others while he pulled my top up . I kept screaming but no sound came out. I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t think straight. All I knew was that I didn’t want this. All I could think about… Read More
I turned my head and put my lips on his jaw, kissing my way up to his mouth. I was planning to take it slow but with a sexy growl Dave took my face between his hands and kissed me deeply. His tongue entered my mouth and started to dance… Read More
Kane and Sierra are about to separate but not before a final vacation by the lake... Read More
Cassidy ditches the corporate lifestyle to renovate an old ranch, but what will Cord have to say about that and is that rope in his hand? Read More
I know who you are master***ing to my poems. There is a site I’m on that has a lot of explicit poems on it. And lots of times the people there complain that the visitors only read the erotic poems and not their ‘serious’ work. Of course, the sexy poems… Read More
To the girl on the corner that keeps coming to my mind. Twirling her Hot and Ready pizza sign. Read More
First time I saw that look was yesterday when you grabbed my hand and pulled me to your parents room and f*cked me in their bed Read More

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