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After a long drive from Tennessee Dustin his parents Patty and Chuck Lynch and sister Kelsey he meets a small town girl he falls for. Can this redneck Romeo get his backwoods princess. NOTE: NAMES OF FAMOUS PEOPLE ONLY USED, THIS IS A FAN-FICTION AND NOT BASED ON ACTUAL EVENTS. Read More
She was always the one Jaxson couldnt have. She was the sheriff's daughter, head cheerleader, that perfect student all during high school while he was the bad boy, the trouble maker and her father knew him all too well, which wasnt a good thing. Jessica was the most popular girl… Read More

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On a fateful night, Adam picks up Sam - a mysterious young hitchhiker who instantly steals his heart. But the closer Adam tries to get to Sam, the more Sam pulls away. Adam is convinced Sam is falling in love with him as well, but something is forcing him to… Read More

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When Sabrina Braxton agrees to trade places with her twin sister, Celine, to give her sister a break from her strained marriage...Sabrina has no idea what she's getting herself into. Suddenly faced with Celine's sexually deprived husband and a forceful ranch hand, Sabrina realizes her sister has failed to fill… Read More

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August 24, 2013

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When Wes Alcott arrives home from an 18-month deployment overseas, he discovers that his home is gone – literally. The property where his house stood is now just open grassland with no indication that any structure had ever been built there. When he goes to speak with the man who… Read More
When Nate and his best friend, Kyle, get stranded in a mountain cabin, Nate must struggle with his hidden feelings for his straight friend. Read More
A journey through a country year (taking time off for a favourite dog or pub) in a valley village in the West Country. Read More
Maxie is a 22 year old antopreneur who is very successful, but on one of her road trips, she gets stuck. Luckily, a horny couple is there to provide hospitality. They have their way with the young piece of ass, and she lets them because "This is a one-time thing… Read More

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BY REQUEST:::: "Regina loves sex, everything about it...and especially with new people. When she spots a great looking guy with tight jeans and a huge cock she can't resist him, but can she handle it or more?"... Read More

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A country girl has to work hard to acheive her dreams of becoming a legand. On her way to fame she encounters love, and heartache, but this country girl isn't going to let even a bleeding heart keep her from her dream. Read More

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