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Dave and Diane arrive in Portland, Maine. Dave will be guest posing at a bodybuilding contest the following night. From Muscles, Money & Sex. Read More

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The Moon's erotica creation's House

Courtney and her friends are lovestruck when it comes to Santana McCartney, but Courtney has a connection with him that her friends will never know about . . . - AKA my contribution to breakfast@Lola's challenge to make a short story based on a song. Hope you like it! xxx… Read More
A modern tale version of Rapunzel for FrootLoops fairytale contest. Violent scenes. Read More
*WARNING* please take note that there are scenes with a delicate nature so if you do not like violence or implied rape then DO NOT read this short story. thank you! This is another short story for KM2's competition. I loved writing this just as much as the last one.… Read More
Here is the full uncensored sizzling and sensational sado-masochistic romance between Conan Steele and his beautiful and wilful submissive Alexandra Rasputin, a steamy story of BDSM and the dangers of strap ons. Read More
Sehir Viksun is special, more so than even she knows. Fate knows no bounds and not even a King can stop it. How will things turn out when Sehir comes face to face with love and lust? Read More
Reformatted compilation of my three-part short story with all three parts together in one submission. The story is an adventure following a Templar knight, Guy, who rescues a gyspy damsel-in-distress, Sonja, and the bond that builds between them following their ordeal. This story, while short, contains both graphic violence and… Read More
This is going to be a five part tale of five women who make their own sex videos. This first story is kind of long, but I had to set up storyline. Read More

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