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December 28, 2015

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“I..I..I think I love him, but I don’t know him... I think” ************************************************************************************************************************************** Isabella Thompson is the weird new girl in Winchester High She’s beautiful, smart, nice, funny, and weird. She does and says the first thing that comes to mind, not really giving it much time to think over.… Read More
based on an ex call girl who thinks she's found THE ONE but he's already big love triangle that erupts when Karlita tries to overdose to escape life's humps. Kyra is really Tremaine's current girlfriend of 8yrs. this is starting from Chapter 4... Read More

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The most forbidden, audacious and libidinous summed up all Lilith wanted but she was a 32 year old woman that was still oblivious of what an orgasm felt like. As an acclaimed psychiatrist, it was outlandish to think what proclivity was her weakness and what ends she went to to… Read More
Brad Mitchell is an Army Sergeant. His job is one that keep him busy and away from home. While he is away on deployment, he couldn’t help detecting the changes in his wife. They were unsatisfactory and intolerable. He is a reasonable man, but it was time he step it… Read More
Summary: A heartless pharaoh “alim” was leading a raid on the town, after burning all, the only survivor was left, A girl… what will happened to the girl? And why would he felt pity on her? What secret behind this poor girl Plot: The story goes around ancient Egypt, believe… Read More
A poem that I wrote when I was younger. I just became sexually active and my hormones were a mess. I am much older now, but I can still identify with my younger self. Photo Source: Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

XXX !GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING! XXX The subject matter I have explored in this story relates to pedophilia, and therefore I must discourage any of you who are easily offended not to read. IN NO WAY DO I ENCOURAGE OR CONDONE PEDOPHILIA, CHILD ABUSE, OR ANY OF THE THINGS DEPICTED IN… Read More
My very first shot at writing This is the first chapter, very raw, still pondering how to build it up. Comments, suggestions red carpet welcome Read More

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After living a life which held no serious purpose, two security guards turn towards accelerated highs and public toilet thrills for entertainment. But as the pressure mounts and the drugs take their toll, new characters reveal themselves and blood begins to spill. Perhaps their lives will never be normal again,… Read More
Fantasy, extreme adult content, interracial, sex, oral sex, anal sex, passion between two lovers Read More
Sitting in her studio with a drink and her guitars, playing for hours was her favorite thing to do, and she really missed it. She couldn't wait for this night to be over. This show was close enough to home that she had her own car tonight and she could… Read More
Andie Miller is the granddaughter of a successful ranch owner. She had spent nearly all of her childhood at the Triple L and the time she hadn't were the worst of her life. She comes back to the Triple L after several years of college to face the deception of… Read More
Couples that have found each other's G-Spots are fortunate indeed. This piece is just an interpretation of what that means. Read More

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