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STOP! unless you have read my first chapter of this book, do not read any farther and you can find the first chapter on my page! If you have read it, well then enjoy the rest of the chapters! :) After a drunken one night stand an interview is the… Read More
“She's pushed him against the wall again, she has him pinned to the wall by his throat..And, look, both are naked!” the neighbor says to his friend while peeking through the window with binoculars. Read More
He nods, "Do you want some relief, my love, before I go?" Read More
In Nevada A Place Called Hell is the reflection on his decision to follow his Mistress from Massachusetts to Nevada for some intense slave training. Read More
The writer's imagination takes a short trip into the criminal aspect of submission and dominance. Read More

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Beth's Boss gets his way with her. Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

The love of a girl, and her brother. Read More

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"I happened to love this story. It shows how tight a brother and sister's bond can be, just look at it that way people. I loved it and I hope tha..." Read More

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A girl wanders into a theatre's washroom and is to molested. Find out why she begins to enjoy it. Also, why she is in for a wicked shock when she finds out the truth about her perpetrator. Read More
Another scene between 'she and him', a continuation of What She Started. This time with a bit more disciplinary intent behind his punishment. Read More
San Francisco. A wonderful town. Especially for a thirty-something brunette with a face to die for and a body to kill for finding herself on the loose from her husband and kids for a few days and maybe, just could be, looking for some excitement. Read More
Sebuah cerita mengenai penemuan Novi dan Panji, sebuah kenikmatan baru bernama Bondage. Read More
Sir Niko (Nee Koh) and Sassbrat live in Whipping Willow, a private, gated, lifestyle exclusive community founded by Sir Niko 10 years ago. It's a haven of pleasure and pain. Read More
Arianna meets a handsome dominant stranger. (This only has a few chapters. Still working on it as well). Enjoy! Read More

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Not really a novel (yet). Trying to figure out a story to weave around them. Read More

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