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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

I wrote this a few years ago in the hope of finding the confidence to give it to my Dad face to face, sit with him while he read it, and begin a calm and rational dialogue. I hoped to find the perfect moment, but of course it has never… Read More
This Is a Man’s World…. At least that’s what Ethan Aldridge believed. In his world men ruled and he was the king of all men. Handsome, strong, and wealthy the billionaire playboy lived life by his rule, when asked to change that life for a woman who cost him more… Read More
How to solve conflict. Do we really forgive and forget? Read More
A funny, well-observed and intelligent story of the gradual sexual enlightenment of a 39 year old woman in middle England who falls in love with her married village neighbour - a top ranking British military hero and much decorated veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts. Their erotic romance will… Read More
Ben is 21 and living through the greatest time of his life. University, freedom, parties and whatever else he chooses however sometimes life throws you a curveball. However for Ben its a great big love shaped ball and its not at all what he'd expected it to be. Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

The team is back, with a case that might be too dangerous for even their expertise. When Alex's team is sent to investigate a case of vampire killings, it is not the ancient bloodsuckers they are after, but the mysterious man who is assisting the agents.Alex's team is to find… Read More
~We’re in a band. We sing, we laugh, we curse, we fight. Odd enough, we might also love, one way or another. But for now, we rock!~ WARNING: boyXboy, erotic gay sex, psychological, angst, cursing. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ H.A.T.E. (Hetto) is a J-Rock band consisting of five members. As the recording company… Read More

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