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When Molly goes home from college with her best friend, she takes the opportunity to tell her best friend's dad that she has a thing for him. How will he take it? How will she? Read More

Poem / General Erotica

September 26, 2020

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This is awful... Read More

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"Blasphemously sexy!!!!" Read More

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My mother has discovered I’ve been working as a high-class call girl since I was nineteen. She’s paying for me to see a top therapist to help me get better and live a normal life. Whatever she means by that, I don’t know. My therapist, Richard Knox is twenty years… Read More

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Bars...and the places they lead to Read More

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"Your words strike me as sad. Unrequited throwaway love. I feel for you. I hope I am wrong and it was just as you wished it to be." Read More

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If you are an sexy sexual predator and know you're way around... Then you'll understand and enjoy this poem. It's for you. Read More
A wife confronts her husband suspected of having sex with her stepmom. The intrigue unfolds and perhaps a 3-some will eventuate. Read More
Another day, another place, another stranger. But boy, is he even real? It felt like this guy has been hand-crafted to make me despise & love someone at the same time. Since my tendency to fall for every other guy can often land me into difficult sitches, I decided to… Read More

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Erotica, fantasy, role play Read More
It is a true confession. My first attempt at writing, so please be considerate. However i would like your comments for improvement. Read More
Katherine, a pure -virginal- catholic girl, went into confession to confess her naughty desires only to be pleased with the outcome. Read More
bama too realized that and smiling told me ..’’ hey … it is normal for you to look at it . but your looks may not direct at me . o .k ..’’ your two mangoes are largest and I loves to see it ..’’ Bama blushed and bewildered .… Read More
Well I'm actually an amateur that need support and help from the pros or even anyone and I need the honest opinions but need discouragements and if you wish to help me in any way please do cause I really like writing. Read More

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Part 2 of Forbidden Fantasies by Amber Libra: An ex-prostitute goes to church and begins a corrupt affair..... Read More
Shikamaru shows up drunk late one night at Jesshika’s door yelling confessions of what? And what about Temari? Read More
true confession erotica...a wierd fetish, maybe, then again, maybe I the only one? I welcome feedback... Read More
A girl. Standing all alone on a bridge ready to end it all ... Based on my real-life experience and Avril Lavigne's 'I'm With You'. Read More

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