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Fairytale theater proudly presents a fairytale. The little concubine Maria and her tale of love. Read More
The Harem tells the story about how beautiful European girls are abducted and sold to the the Shah of Nibia and turned in sex slaves. Read More
The prince makes up to the concubine's lack of relief to start the day. [ I was happy to show him my gratitude without haste. He moaned in delight and I felt all the cream flowing down my legs. "Ooooohh... Look at what you do to me. It would be… Read More
Concubine learns the hard way when she disobeys the prince. [ "Enjoy the feel of it. Tonight, you will have the pleasure of being double penetrated. Does that not sound good? Now I will fulfill you again. You will earn every bit of my cream and hold onto it." ]… Read More
A concubine recalls one of her passionate nights with the prince full of screams, moans and whimpering. ["Remove your garments quickly or I shall tear them off of you." "I gave a smile and said, "Sire, you are very naughty." Again he only went in an inch before plunging straight… Read More
Raised as a concubine, Miakaela now finds herself chosen by the Monarch of her land as a Gift of Flesh for a neighboring king. Envoy Naissun is commanded by that king to bring her safely through the rough journey to his harem. Tormented by his conscience and a growing affection… Read More

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