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In this story, a man given a computer because he says he is bored with reading books has to cope with many conflicting demands on his time and how he lives his life that is caused by something seemingly so simple and easy-to-use. What will he make of it? And… Read More
These are my responses to my private mental muse, an unknown handsome man, on the other side of my computer. This faceless person, who keeps me mentally engaged to bring my words to you. Brown Eyes Read More

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Happily ever after, it was a joke. Well...Andrew wanted to try and change my mind, let him. Read More
Sometimes I'm a bit too much of an exhibitionist -- so a few weeks ago, my Daddy decided to teach me a lesson. Read More
After he wakes up and sees that his companion is still asleep,a guy sits in front of his computer and starts typing out a story about something he promised someone else not to do. Read More

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