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Lady Tuna becomes a space pirate,and causes more problems for Mr.Beaner. Read More
Just when the galaxy of Funkoo thought it was safe to sit back on the toilet,Lady Tuna becomes infected with the same nano- meaties that reanimated the Turdbots. Read More
re-animated fecal based robots have taken over the galaxy of Funkoo,forcing every CooCoo,Cumbus,Clausin to band together,and fight them off.Does Lady Tuna's bowel movement hold the key to stopping them? Read it and find out. Read More
Lady Tuna & Chaknee are exiled on the Bee Bee moon of Beebaria to face murder charges of thousands of Bee Bees. Meanwhile, Sammymede is forced to work in a lab that may create a new threat to the galaxy of Funkoo. Read More
Lady Tuna,Chaknee,and Sammymede end up in a alternate,parallel universe where the good characters turn out to be the bad guys. Read More
Lady Tuna discovers she has a hidden singing talent,and everyone can't believe their eyes & ears on where it's located at. Read More
Lady Tuna promotes Sammymede's new female hygiene product in a bizarre infomercial that is out of this universe. Read More
The evil Lady Tuna takes revenge on the galaxy of Funkoo when her ex-lover Mr.Beaner tries to escape her advances. Read More
Running low on gas in the middle of a snow storm, Kassey Greene is forced to take a detour. Her only hope of survival is to trust a man she's never met, or so she thinks. After the most incredible night of her life, she wakes up to find herself… Read More

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