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I'm in love with a serial killer.. Read More

Featured Review by Daisy xx

"Your writing has come up, round and round, and up again like a hook in the most astonishing way, Kitten, you're in deep, personalized, enduring ..." Read More

A story of overpowering obsession and a poor girl caught in the middle of two mixed up people. Ashleigh's eyes are about to be opened by Logan and Lexi. Both are crazy, manipulative and will do anything to get what they want. Unfortunately Ashleigh becomes the key for both to… Read More
A fantasy I hope to play out soon--a night at the opera. *First draft* Read More
After Misbehaving, Master takes his Pet to the mall for a public punishment Read More
A short story of a bound submissive/slave, blindfolded and waiting for the events to begin. It details the thoughts that go through her head, the temptations and emotions that plague her, never knowing whether her Mistress/Owner is watching or even in the room Read More
My First attempt at this genre. It is for RAB Bradbury's July contest, the theme is "Fear". This story follows the rape of a woman and has a sting in the tale. In my opinion this is pretty graphic, so if you are sensitive to this kind of story then… Read More
Your blindfold fantasy, desire to be taken by a stranger Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Explicit Erotica .. Adult readers only .. It started with a pillow fight and turned into a supprise she loved ... kinky adult content mild S&M short story of a husband and wife spicing up their sex life ... by introducing Gilbert to their bed. Read More

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