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When Wren is suddenly kidnapped and sold to a mysterious man, her life seems to be in the midst of sexual, lust filled ruin. She finds herself ever stuck between fighting for her freedom, or giving into his will. Read More
Darren and Carmel had a threesome, but Carmel is now convinced that her husband likes their one night fling more. The bitch that also happens to be her best friend. So after bumping into Danielle in a restaurant, things quickly unravel with explosive results... Read More
A spontaneous act with a dominant male taking control of a submissive female Read More
An excerpt from DOMINATED: THE TROPHY WIFE'S AFFAIR... this is the beginning to the final sex scene between Liam and Jessica. The book is available FOR FREE TODAY at Read More
He wants her. She is fighting it all the way with him. But she does surrender to him because he doesn't stop until she does. Read More

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