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This is dedicated to someone who I have shared the sweetest mental bliss with, and yes you are so missed my love.. a tender kiss to you in the wind Brown Eyes Read More
My final experiment turned into his experiment. I hope you enjoy the tongue lashing as much as I did. Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

I wasn't expecting him. We email that's all! Then reading the word "downstairs" changed everything, but not even he was ready for my sweet tooth... Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

He removed the cover of the chocolate spread and dip his c**k into the chocolate spread Read More
Raki is walking home at night, exhausted from partying. It unexpectedly starts to rain, and someone suggests a shortcut down an underground passageway. There, he encounters a woman who forces herself upon him in a moment of opportunity and sensuality. Trigger Alertâ„¢: If you leave your seat while reading this… Read More
....THE TRUTH ABOUT SHOES Can you remember your first pair of shoes? Maybe, maybe not. Okay then can you remember your favourite pair of shoes? Each time you went past the shop, did they sit in the front display, your eyes drawn to the glittery straps? Or maybe it was… Read More
Man seeks Woman for companionship and other work related activities for several days. Must be aged between twenty and twenty eight, not committed, able to attend black tie events and have appropriate etiquette. Call number along the bottom of the ad and enquire for 'Ralph' Read More
After realizing that she'd taken a wrong turn in trying to secure her love, Emile embarks on a journey filled with love lust and romance in winning her man back. Read More
Pleasurable and unexpected night for Edward with what he thought was with his wife only. ~ Rosalie continued to touch my body all over and play with my back door. She turned on the vibration and it felt unbelievable. The combination of that and Coraline's tongue swirling on my member… Read More

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