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Steve Iverson, a Celtic warrior on a centuries-long mission to protect the human race from a species of trans-dimensional creatures that inhabit women and reduce their inhibition, is reunited with his dear wife, who died 2,100 years earlier. Read More
Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Cheated husband gets justice. Read More
After being cheated on and humiliated, husband takes action and regains his manhood. Read More
A cheated husband finds a new love and forges a new life. Read More

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A cheated husband seeks revenge on everyone who destroyed his family and happy life. Read More
I had a surprise gift for my girlfriend; her girlfriend gave me a bigger surprise. Read More

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"Whoa! Tremendous action here, just what every guy likes, getting down and dirty. And what a gentleman, to help Fee out like that! Sweet story, w..." Read More

Justice rides again, and hell is riding with him... Abused husband gets revenge on cheating wife and lover. Read More
Fortuitously left with my mates, two horny women: I did what any guy would do; ‘I looked after them.’ Read More
The conclusion of The Camp: Coward. Justice returns with a few friends and all hell breaks loose. Amos gets married. Read More
Cheated husband goes to a special camp where he regains his manhood. He vows to get revenge on cheating wife and lovers, but something happens... Read More
Bill Jones and his wife, Tabitha, are assigned to the same ship, the USS Armstrong, on its maiden voyage to Jupiter. What Bill doesn't know is that his wife is cheating on him with the ship's first officer, Bull Travers. Does Bill take his wife's cheating standing still, or not?… Read More
Young Mischa will do absolutely ‘everything’ to pass her ESL test to secure residency. Bored, married invigilator Ryan Dilger is the perfect target. Read More
Laura is captivated by a stranger and gets her husband involved Read More

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Jack's new coaching assignment turns out better than he anicipated. Read More
Cheating wife, hell, everybody is cheating here. Read More

Short Story / General Erotica

September 25, 2022

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A MILF’s stunning first encounter with her daughter’s new boyfriend Read More

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How everything started.. (dedicated to Laird) Read More

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"It's among the sweetest that you have written. Making your readers wondering more about the teenage self of the character. Loved this..." Read More

The magic of healing Read More
Author's note: For those that have read this story before, thank you. I had it up previously under a different pen name, and have decided to bring it home. I've made a few slight changes and additions to the story. Enjoy. Read More

Book / General Erotica

January 22, 2022

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Kellan, an artist, tires of the big city and moves to the small coastal town of Whitney Crest to pursue his artistic goals. He lands in a local art class, taught by a mysterious, attractive woman. Together, with her friends, Kellan may get his wish, if he could only figure… Read More

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Brynn learns about protein at the dentist office. Read More
A hot wife reminds her husband that sharing is caring... Read More

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Housewife has a little accident with the painter. How will she fix this? AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is something new for me. It's just smut. I usually write smut with a storyline but I've been so busy with my novel lately that I wanted to take a mental break. Especially since… Read More

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So, here's what happened... (Please see Prologue) Read More

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"Not gonna lie, I’ve read this three times since the release of this chapter. Pleassse tell me there’s more!" Read More

Dana’s unhappy with her domestic life but takes pleasure in making a sneaky decision that makes her forget that she is a mother and wife for a little bit. Read More

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