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This transgender Comic yarn is an account of events which happened over 2 decades ago one late spring evening in May The story details a somewhat graphic account of a group of friends who decide that crossdressing is an excellent theme night idea for my flat warming party. Two lesbians… Read More

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Companion Piece to Blood and Ash. Talia has begun to settle in her new home outside Florence. Bored and unwilling to take the step towards opening up to men. She enters into a chat room. And finds solace and passion with an online man named simply. BloodyJ. Jerome has always… Read More
A hayshed, a looming chat show disaster and outright fear collide as Brenda Borg must have sex with hilarious Irish telly host Graham Norton. Not for pleasure though. She's under orders to do it - her feckless husband will die otherwise. Imagine! Read More
DISCLAIMER! ATTENTION PLEASE!! This short story contains EXPLICIT ADULT MATERIAL, and is only intended for readers who are at least 18 years of age. If you are NOT AT LEAST 18 YEARS OF AGE YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS READING THIS STORY and are hereby advised not to read it. Please… Read More

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