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I had to make the rest of the story into a 'novel' in order to be able to add chapters to it,so this is the original story 'chased by a possessive wolf',but it justs starts from chapter 2 since chapter 1 is written as a 'short story'.You can raad chapter… Read More
Lauren is about to find out what revenge is. Read More

Tags: passion, love, cat, chase, mouse

Elliott Thomas Whiffleplume is a restless security guard working at the corporate headquarters of Cobblehaus Train & Drain Company. Due to an accident, Elliott had to give up his job as a police officer. He had settled for a job as a security guard and always felt he was missing… Read More
*dicontinued* Frey thought he was happy moving from town to town with his circus, the endless piles of no strings attached affairs easy as non-stick band aids. However when the independent and hard-to-get 'Just' Herot comes to work for him with his sister Pandora his heart may be left unprotected… Read More
Kayleigh is the town slut simple as that she gives out to practically anyone that asks that is. Until Jason (Chase) comes to town and everything changes. Read More

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