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Julianna - Jewels - has a strange dream about some man she's never met before and now, she's a little freaked out. However, at the same time she's extremely curious. So, she decides to go on a search for him. As she goes, she meets Logan Martin, a local tattoo… Read More
the summary for this story is still a work in progress however I wouldn't put the summary on the character pictures anyway! Yeah! Read More
Characters for my new novel Welcome to Pain. I do not normally have pictures but thought I would be a bit different and do it this time. Read More
The story pretty much goes when Queen of the Dark ream decided to conquer surrounding reams in a quest finding fabled realm of Light. The main character is dark Knight, her most trusted general. Read More
If anybody is wondering what Jameson and Zach looks like...well here ya go! And with the magic of a baby generator website, we can see what Valerie will look like! Read More

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