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*FINISHED* Autumn Camden lives in a world that cannot be heard, why? She is deaf. She has been deaf for twenty years due to a brain infection at the age of four. She teaches English at the deaf school she attended to learn to communicate. With help of sign language,… Read More
Here is the full uncensored sizzling and sensational sado-masochistic romance between Conan Steele and his beautiful and wilful submissive Alexandra Rasputin, a steamy story of BDSM and the dangers of strap ons. Read More
I challenge you, my dear reader, to join in this conversation... Read More
Megan is put upon in all aspects of life, so whan a mystery man appears one night, she finds that a night with him is just what her confidence needs! This is an entry to KuroiOokami1234's Erotica Challenge 2 I've gone a while, sorry all, hectic times and an element… Read More
A challenge for all of you erotica writers. Read More
This is part 3 of 3, the seduction portion of this short story. I've decided to reclassify the whole thing as "romance" rather than "erotica" because I think it fits the direction this took on the whole better. If you have skipped the previous two parts, you are obviously a… Read More
you know those storys that you just cant stop reading. the ones that get you goin??................. Read More
Johnson comes home from a busy day and is entertained in ways he did not expect! An evening of passion and frivolity brightens an otherwise mundane evening. This is "Booty" an entry for PatiYEAH's Picture Challenge. Read More
Sunset in Paris. Evening of pleasures. Night of mind-blowing sex. Maybe your New Year’s Eve will turn out like this… Read More
Mia has a big decision to make. Will she choose it or will she decide to leave her master? This short story involves some BDSM and foul language. This is for XOXONinjaBunnyXOXO BDSM challenge. Read More

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This is my answer to Lionhearts five word challenge. My words were: nemesis, lips, shock, sharp and settlement. Well Lionheart, I want to know what you think, ;) so come and get it...grrr! Read More

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