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September 26, 2020

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This is a story about a boy who grew up in a family divided by nationalism, in a country that led several wars during his upbringing. The stories from the boy's life are being compared to some of the horror stories from the time of war as well as postwar… Read More
Katherine, a pure -virginal- catholic girl, went into confession to confess her naughty desires only to be pleased with the outcome. Read More
Sally a reticent teen from the wrong side of the tracks enters a Catholic prep school on a scholarship. Despite the taunting and teasing of her classmates she develops a relationship with Mel, the new girl. Her ignorance and innocence are challenged and her dreams of becoming a nun vanish… Read More
The Catholic school, St. Monica's Finishing School for Girls, is renowned in the area for its high standards of discipline and education. Here young girls straight out of high school are taught to take their proper place in a society. Their families are amongst the most elite and respected members… Read More

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