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A Leaky Pipes sequel. Sam is sick of their relationship only being on Kate's terms and decides to take matters into his own hands to gain some more control. Read More
When the day and the time are right, two people come together for a familiar night of fun!!! My entry for sensualmusings challenge:) Read along:) Read More
Sometimes a bad day at the office becomes a stop off for a drink to unwind. For Ashton, it became more than just a quick "cocktale" Read More
A young attorney sends a vibrator to a young TV reporter that lead to repercussions that threaten her career. Read More
“Hi, this is Annie. You know. From the sex shop. Just wondering if you’ve tried out your new toys..." Read More
Waking to an unidentified sound in her own apartment, a frightened woman searches for its cause, and finds more than she expects. Read More
Ariana suns herself on the deck of the sailboat, but a storm picks up and rain slicks her skin, the dark skies threatening. Sean blocks her way below deck, his mind on things other than the safety below deck. Read More
A mystically charismatic stranger wishes to pose for an erotic photography session; her mere presence arouses the photographer, a consummate professional who never lets the subject matter interfere with the art of photography. Read More

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