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She'd fuck who she wanted. And fuck off those she didn't. Simple. She had no morals... Read More

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"Captivating story and easy to read, down-to-earth and really enjoyable!" Read More

I always wanted to be a success in my life. I wanted to be good looking. I wanted money. Respect. Prestige. I wanted a beautiful and kinky woman. I wanted health, to be fit. I wanted to be tough. I wanted to have a winning character. Oh, yeah, and a… Read More
Every decision I have made has been the wrong decision. And if I hadn't made all those wrong decisions then I wouldn't be where I am now. For better. For worse. Read More
I say nothing, instead I bite one of her nipples with force enough to make her gasp. I then reach down with my right hand to her groin gripping her hairy crutch... Read More
We have a cup of tea before she goes. I quickly write the account up of our sordid little encounter and then post it on a website; it excites me to do so, to let people in on my dirty little life and my weird sexuality... Read More
I smack her hard several times observing her skin ripple with each blow in the dim yellow light of the sodium lamp a good few feet away... Read More
Suddenly I become irritated with her. I grab hold of her lank and unkempt mousey brown hair and drag her to the bottom of the stairs... Read More
"When I release the outer door, you are going to enter the hallway and remove your coat and boots. You will be completely naked. You will place your clothes in the utility cupboard out of sight." Read More
Taking a resting holiday from her many Moroccan lovers, a German adventurer finds a night bus ride of a lifetime in northern Thailand. Read More

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The Erotica House

This is a story about Eleanor who is in her early thirties and is now single again. She is frightened of getting into another relationship that goes wrong. However she so misses having sex and temptation gets the better of her as she naively strays over the line and into… Read More

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