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Finished! Jenna is back and having her brains screwed out in Manhattan but she is finally reaching her limit. She needs a vacation and maybe it's time she rediscovered her roots. It's time she returned to Northern England. It's time she had a vacation from sex. But will she manage… Read More
Free blowjobs. Just waiting in the motel room, waiting to suck (w4m) Read More
After James is dumped by his girlfriend a few weeks into his first semester of college he finds himself in a slump. But while at a mixer he gets approached by an attractive brunette and manages to forget all about his ex, even if it's just for one night. Read More
Part of the Leaky Pipes series. Sam doesn't know what to think when he sees Kate getting picked up for a date with a co-worker. Will he let it go or will his jealousy consume him? Read More
Sequel to Leaky Pipes. I haven't seen Kate for a week so when she knocks on my front door at 2am looking for a hookup I'm only happy to oblige. Read More
Chicken and Waffles (Naughty Situations) By Edward Naughty Randall wanted something yummy, so he decided to go to a restaurant. Little did he know that he would find something even yummier than he had expected. Prepare your appetite for some Chicken and Waffles. ;) Read More
"Diving in he spread her folds open with his tongue and pushed it around until finding her clit. The feeling sent a shock of static electricity shooting through her pussy that raced up and down her whole body. Opening her eyes she stared into the mirror and watched Steve sucking… Read More
The story depicts my first encounter with sex where luckily I got the chance to have had the pleasure of intercourse with not one but two girls. Its better to read out what happened that night. Read More
When two souls meet with each other, it seems so surreal. Ecstasy of love is being pondered upon here, hope you'll enjoy it and its Aftermath. thanks so much! comment if possible. :D Read More

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[completed] During the day, she's his butler. During the night, she is anything that Morgan wants her to be. Read More

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