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Two college trampettes are caught skinny dipping by their teacher. The punishment for breaching curfew was breaking the pair in. Read More
A young guy gets a real lesson in sex from his older auburn haired teacher. Read More
She's going to fulfil her love's innermost fantasy most... generously. Warning: Ass expansion fetish Read More
Working on my trauma....a friend told me to try butt plugs.....If not being raped....might feel good. Read More
Porn, porn, porn.........paradise, paradise, paradise............. Read More
Jackson takes Lorraine to a small shed in the woods, where their games take a dark turn. Read More
For a lesbian chick flick, this is truly one of the finest heterosexual guy movies ever made. Great acting, great directing, terrific photography and a good story line that holds together as a modern Greek Love Tragedy. It is also a sensitive Lesbians-in-Love movie that works on many levels in… Read More
I was pulled over for speeding, and the sexy female officer wrote me a ticket. While she was walking back to her patrol car, she looked back over her shoulder and caught me checking her out in my mirror. She liked it, so I climbed out of my car. She… Read More
A married and discreet woman that reveals all her desire having hot sex with her dentist. I hope you enjoy it. Brazilian Kisses :) Read More
A young man meets the one that got away on a country farm. Read More
He offers his girl friend's butt to two friends. Read More
worship doesn't always happen in a church Read More
Another one of my pieces that im sure everyone at the right age will enjoy Read More

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