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King Min was ruthless, he was trying not to be such a tyrant and let his right hand man talk him into having a gala. A certain fan dancer caught his attention, but would the mouth on the fan dancer get him into trouble? And is it the good or… Read More
Tae talks Kookie into dressing up together to go to a party. Only they never make it to the party.... Read More
When his wife passes away suddenly, Yoongi falls into a fit of depression. Dropping out of family and friend meet ups. Not being able to stand his brother in such condition, Taehyung offers to sign him up for an omega program. ???????????????????????????????? ????????????, ???????????????? ---- •=•=•=•=•=• ???????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????? ???????? ????????????… Read More
Working for a large entertainment company has its perks. Like working with people you’ve known since college, when you attended the arts school that funnels right into the company. When your journal entries about people who you have slept with accidentally gets sent TO those people, you find that your… Read More

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