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PROLOGUE "The game will be started in" The program said then the game begin. All the player held their linkage right arm in the air and said. "Xerot activated!" then a deadly and most cruel game begin... The players started to scattered as the game started. A guy started… Read More
The Brutewood Correctional Facility is the newest and cruelest force in incarceration, designed to systematically wring out the greatest profit from its inmates by subjecting them to a series of humiliating ordeals of a sexual nature, all for the reader's vicarious pleasure. Proud thugs and noble Aryan warriors are humbled… Read More
Seino is a 16 year old boy, he wants to tell you about the time he decided to do something he has wanted to do for years. His life has always been perfect. Good parents, helpful little brother, he even have a girlfriend. But something inside him has the desire… Read More
The days were humid and overcast, stretching back in an unchanging line since before the memories of even the land's oldest inhabitants. From castles and mansions of unparalleled beauty and decadence, a ruling class of demigods watches over their garden kingdom. Below, the masses toil, fight and die, either fanatically… Read More
sarifia was the happiest girl in the world who is now lucky if she can smile WARNING:characters in this story may piss you off Read More

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February 11, 2012

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Hip-Hop lyrics/bars... Read More
X-RATED. A Very disturbing, mind blowing, and stomach renching story. A yound couple who travel to michighan in the hope of getting married stay in a secluded cottage in the middle of the forest. All seems fine but they take a trip into the very bowles of hell when they… Read More

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