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Greg and Suzanne have dinner at her favorite Chinese restaurant. Read More
Remember the story I wrote earlier this year? Well, read it here, once again accessible to the public! A young man's parents leave the country for a month and he is left with his horny high school science teacher. Things get even spicier when his dream girl gets thrown into… Read More
As Tosh entered the room, he knew exactly who he wanted next; the petite brunette girl sitting in the brown leather sofa reading a novel called "Technology for Dummies". Read More
Tabatha Simmons never cared that her best friend, Monica Timbers, is a lesbian. When her friend comes home from college one night, their relationship changes and Tabatha soon realizes her true calling... Read More
Piper Young is a twenty two year old artist trying to go to school and make a life in a small town in Montana. With girls going missing all the time and ending up dead after being beaten and raped the entire town is in fear, but Piper really never… Read More
Adria is a up-and-coming sculpter who is a beautiful tan brunette, but in order to get famous, she catches the eye of her favourite artist. Little does she know, Vazille's eyes are imagining her naked, and they're going to get to see her naked, sweaty, and making love. Read More
its an adult story of two lesbian girls. about how they fall in love with each other, and their ongoing sizzling sexual chemistry. Read More
Chloe Peters is the Queen Bee at Kennedy High. She has everything: money, clothes, student council presidency and a hot boyfriend. What happens when Chloe's best friend, Angel, discovers that Chloe is not so perfect after all? Read More
Lauren told her boyfriend she's ready to spice things up a bit, as he lay on the bed blindfolded he waits for his ultimate pleasure... Read More
"Matt has an amazing night with his married neighbor, can it continue?" Read More
"Caitlin has always flirted with her manager, Ivan but has she started serving more than just food?" Read More
"Beth wakes up after the most amazing Saturday night ever to find she's in bed with Hannah alone...what will their Sunday bring?" Read More

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It gets lonely at Weddings, Especially your younger brother's wedding. that doesn't mean you cant have a little fun right? As long as you make your own fun with the pretty Aida. Pronounced-(A-dah) Read More

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