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I really didnt wanna write this but hm I should be honest and write whatever comes in my mind without being bias Hm found it online when I was certainly not looking for the image lol Read More

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Amy is an archaeologist in a Mid-Eastern country. She goes into this hotel, hoping to get a good night's sleep. But she is about to be woken up by a pleasant stranger who went into the dark room expecting his wife. She gets fucked hard, and loves it in this… Read More
*WARNING* please take note that there are scenes with a delicate nature so if you do not like violence or implied rape then DO NOT read this short story. thank you! This is another short story for KM2's competition. I loved writing this just as much as the last one.… Read More
Welcome to your own imaginable desire of a CJ penetration. Read More
!!!ON A BREAK UNTIL I'VE FINISHED MY HP FANFICTION!!! Freya Jenkins (16) is sick and tired os Jamie Daniel. He's on every frontpage, he's always on the radio, he's on TV, and everywhere on the walls in the room she shares with her sister Helen. Jamie Daniel (17) is the… Read More

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