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Short Story / Humor

January 28, 2022

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The Stripping and Humiliation House

Our school’s new stripper is a boy! Read More

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Book / Humor

January 19, 2022

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The Stripping and Humiliation House

In a remote village, there are unusual customs. It is Marty's 13th birthday.  He does not suspect that, before the night is through, he will be naked and humiliated. Posted to the Forced Nudity Archive in 2017 Marty, Book 1 Read More

Tags: boy, teen, cfnm, enm, humil

Book / Humor

May 11, 2020

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The Stripping and Humiliation House

A boy loses a bet to some girls. As I mentioned before, the things happening in this story are 75% real. And it is about the boy in the pic. His name is changed. google preview download Read More
billy allways had an idea that Fin , Bull and his horrible mates wearn't finished with him and he was just about to discover how right he was Read More
Did you ever feel like you're being watched? Be careful for what you wish for... Read More
a married woman is about to be seduced by a 17-year-old Teenage Boy, while her husband is away on a long business trip. Read More
This is from a 17-year-old boy named Ryan's own words. Read More

Short Story / Adult Romance

November 21, 2016

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

The lovers have some rough hardcore bondage sex as a birthday preset. Read More

Tags: sex, boy, lovers, birthday, girl

This is a short story of how the good girl got the bad boy Read More

Tags: romance, boy, girl, bad, good

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Two teens are stuck in the house during a storm. After a little bit of liquor and wild imaginations, they both come to the realization that they are as attracted to each other as they are repulsed. Read More
Sometimes spankings are given for a reason, and sometimes . .. just because. Read More
When I misbehave, Daddy is ready and willing to punish me on the spot -- no matter where we are, or how many people are watching. Read More
FORMALLY KNOWN AS A.K.A BRING ME TO LIFE & Breathing New Life Lea was lost, broken and alone. She was searching for her place in life with no idea how to get there. Out of the darkness comes a boy offering her friendship and with that friendship surprisingly brings her… Read More
There is something I feel, that is so giving and expressive about performing this kind of oral sex on someone, which is extremely difficult to put into words. - So here is this poem I wrote, crudely (yet amusingly I think) called 'Kissing her Arse'. Read More
Brock and Charlie are a pair of friends with benefits who love to show off to the world their love of male skimpy thongs, from rollerblading in thongs down the streets of South Beach, to walking down the beach in Maui hand in hand, they thrive on showing off to… Read More
18 year old Nathan Brooke has come out of the closet and told his dad he's gay. Unfortunately his dad has mental problems and didn't take the news very well. Mr. Luis is the father of a friend of Nathan's named Julian and is like a father to Nathan as… Read More
*WARNING* please take note that there are scenes with a delicate nature so if you do not like violence or implied rape then DO NOT read this short story. thank you! This is another short story for KM2's competition. I loved writing this just as much as the last one.… Read More
“Get on your knees” I followed his instructions, while he walked to the closet. Excitement hit me because I knew as soon as he opened that door the night he thought would be punishment for me would truthfully be one of the best nights of my life. I heard the… Read More
Here is the full uncensored sizzling and sensational sado-masochistic romance between Conan Steele and his beautiful and wilful submissive Alexandra Rasputin, a steamy story of BDSM and the dangers of strap ons. Read More
She could imagine his skin smelling a combination of coal and sweat,his rough hands holding her milky white breasts, caressing them and kissing them. Gently leading her hands down on his stomach, his skin must be sunkissed almost like an caramel shade. she was dying to feel his tuch! Read More

Tags: romance, love, young, boy, girl

What Would You do, if your best friend, came up to you and told you they would help you lose your virginity. No Strings attact. Just sex, just to make sure you will enjoy it. Onew is stuck, because of his loveable, player of a best friend, has been fooling… Read More
Mary meets a boy and finds out she loves him but will have to do more to get him Read More
Indie James Scott has survived horror in his short life through the help of his family. His new apprenticeship in a tattoo parlour introduces him to Lincoln Harris with whom he develops a quick and deep connection. Will their new relationship survive or will Indie's past be too much for… Read More

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