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Ichigo went down for a crime he never committed. He meets his cell mate and they don't instantly hit it off. Do they have more connections to each other than they originally thought? GrimmIchi Yaoi. Read More
Ichigo is working Christmas Eve at Las Noches, a strip club, when he catches more attention then he ever thought he wanted from a certain bluenette. GrimmIchi Yaoi Read More
BLEACH A little Grimmjow x Ichigo oneshot i thought up basicly PWP enjoy! Read More
A fanfiction of the anime Bleach. I made it read-able even if you don't have general knowledge of the show or books. STRICT MATURE CONTENT WARNING. Bleach, Yasutora Sado X Inoue Orihime "I'm Not A Princess, This Isn't A Fairytale" This fanfiction came out of a stroke of boredom and… Read More
Ichigo loves Byakuya. But the noble wont admit his feelings until Ichigo decides he’s had enough and can no longer take it. Will Byakuya be able to swallow his pride before it’s too late? Yoai Lemon! Read More

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