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November 23, 2021

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The BDSM Erotica House

Is it really blackmail if you’re free to choose? She was caught red handed stealing company time and toiletries. Now she can choose a new job or accept a punishment and keep her old job. So first my apologies. I don’t usually start a new book before I finish another… Read More
An alienated man becomes with obsessed with the mysteries of revenge porn on the net, while also rediscovering the hardcore of his youth. Read More
Bobby pays a high price for one little indescretion. Read More
Alex's hold over his English teacher keeps expanding, with the poor man's fiance now a prisoner of the sadistic teen. Read More
Alex takes his English Teacher's torment to new extremes in the classroom and the school toilet. Read More
This is a story about Rio and Lexi. Rio and Lexi are a couple that live in Central London, in a massive 5 bedroom house. Rio is a professional footballer who is very successful and Lexi is a professional model who has modelled for some massive names. Rio and Lexi… Read More
Young punk Alex continues his dominance over his high school teacher and the man's fiance. They both become his sexual slaves, and the eighteen-year old boy's perversion seems to know no bounds. Read More

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The The Humiliation Board House

Kevin is a young baseball star, but his wedding night turns out to be a sexual nightmare with him being used as badly as the bride. Read More
A new master negotiates with his victim, but the poor lawyer under his control doesn't have many options. His life as he knew it is ruined. Read More
The secret get away plan of two office workers is discovered by one of the other office workers who try to extort the sweethearts. Three escaped convicts extract a very high price to the blackmailers. The peaceful happy Sunday of the sweethearts escalates into a duel to the death with… Read More
The secret get away plan of two office workers is discovered by one of the other office workers who try to extort the sweethearts. Three escaped convicts extract a very high price from the blackmailers. The sweethearts' peaceful happy Sunday escalates into a duel to the death with two of… Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Her computer was hacked but she did not expect that she would end up being blackmailed on her knees as a result (A Short Story Dedicated to Moonglow) Read More
So I was getting one of those presents I had in the car and I gave it to her. It was a very small packet and she opened it joyful as a child. And she said my so sweet it is when she saw what was in the packet. I… Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Isabella Marie Carter hasn't had an easy life after her step father took away her innocence. When Evan Monroe walks into her life everything turns out to be wonderful... until he gets deployed. Read More
After years of poverty, heartbreak, loss and betrayal, Tomas enters Annalise's world and shatters the iron casing she's erected around her heart. Tomas is kind, intelligent, romantic and handsome, but he's also her husband's brother! Read More
A sexy college student can get a copy of her forthcoming exam, but only if she has sex with a nerdy guy she hates. Read More

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This is the collection of my stories about Tilly and Elsie, two naughty twins whose escapades end up taking a far darker turn than they ever expected. It is just the reposted versions of the ones already on here, so you can find them all in one place. Enjoy! Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

A poor girl with a three year old, a sick room-mate, and a pile of bills grows desperate for money. In order to keep her pantry from going bare, and her landlord to force her out she makes the desicion to take on a fake boyfriend. The onlyproblem is... the… Read More
Landlord fucks his tenant senseless for not paying the rent. Read More
It was mine.. It all belonged to me.. All answered to me... How dare they steal from me... I finally had come of age. It was my turn to take the throne. Me the only heir of my father. I knew from the time I was a child that I… Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

After leaving in the middle of last year with the explanation, Lexi Corewell is back for senior year at one of the most elite private schools in the country. Only one other person knows why she left and is holding it over her head. her ex wants to get back… Read More
A secretary caught stealing is blackmailed into having sex with her unattractive boss. Read More

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What was supposed to be a safe haven for those with special gifts instead becomes a web of lies when the man who blackmailed Sasaiya shows up one day. He makes it clear that there's only one thing that can buy his silence, even if the love of her life… Read More
New lawyer Richard Holder can't wait to get personal with the lovely ladies of his firm. But when he crosses the line with his sexy boss, she makes him an offer he can't refuse. He'll have to bend over and swallow much more than just his pride. Can Richard obey… Read More
Adria is a up-and-coming sculpter who is a beautiful tan brunette, but in order to get famous, she catches the eye of her favourite artist. Little does she know, Vazille's eyes are imagining her naked, and they're going to get to see her naked, sweaty, and making love. Read More
Hot cheerleading-type teenage waitress seduces and black mails a family guy. Read More
A young college girl has an encounter in the sauna that will change her life forever Read More
Lessie Bunco seduced Owen Wilson, an Illinois representative to the U. S. House of Representation, as a fund raiser. Unbeknown to Owen their love making was filmed by her boyfriend and the pictures sent to Lester Wilson, Owen’s father who was a multimillionaire. The photographs were accompanied with a note… Read More
Coy Oates spots his marks--two voluptuous blonds, one older and one younger. He squires them to the hot spots in Atlanta all the while trying to get them to pose for his non-existent magazine Photo Shoot. During the evening he learns they are mother and daughter. Ht tricks the mother,… Read More
Ash and Andy are complete opposites, to eachother and themselves. When Andy catches Ash acting unruly, will her reputation be forever shattered? And what does Andy have planned for her? Read More

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