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It was a lovely day for a walk with the wife but didn't expect this to happen Read More
This is my first post, please provide me feedback in comments. Read More
This is the counter story to "Cherry". Read More

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The Quick & Dirty House

A tale of workplace lust. Be careful about misjudging someone. Read More

Tags: erotica, blowjob, bj

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The Room 501 House

This is not finished! Read More

Tags: bj, forced-sex

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It is my wish! Read More

Tags: bj, swallow

Jeanie gets a present from her friend that she will never forget - her ultimate fantasy realised. She ends up in a motel with a group of strangers who all want their wicked way with her. Read More
Call girl Maisie tells us what she loves about her job and why her oral sex performance is worth the money. Read More

Tags: anal, oral, stimulation, bj

Her brother is having a party, and she gets an unexpected visitor. Read More
Warning - Expansion & Gts fetish The music played in this obscure Dutch nightclub will blow your mind, among other things. Read More
An erotically charged poem about fellatio which is simultaneously classy and sluttish. Surely only prostitutes wear 6 inch heals? Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Mary-Ann is ordered by her employer to fuck her son, Lord Henry. At first Mary-Ann is unsure, but she soon gets into it. Read More
Tilly and Elsie get hot and sweaty with their adoptive father Read More
Life as a whore is never easy. It's even harder when you've never done it before. Part diary entry, part erotic encounter, this is a glimpse a a world few ever see. Read More

Tags: prostitute, bj

Lorraine wakes up to find herself in Jackson's home. He is caring for her, but what does he really want and is Lorraine going to let him have it? Read More
Lorraine is introduced to her masters' friends and is treated far worse than she had been expecting. NOTE: THIS STORY MAY OFFEND, I ALSO WISH NOT TO ENDORSE THE ACTIONS TAKEN BY SOME OF THE FICTIONAL CHARACTERS. Read More
another story I wrote on lushstories, I hope u enjoy this one. as for some parts r true. Read More

Tags: man, woman, oral, boots, photos, bj, hats

Having read the last of the three books that took the world by surprise, Antronella gets up to make herself some tea, before heading to bed. The stories were great and the sex even better. Some of the things in the books were ridiculous and unbelievable, and some things were… Read More
Veronica hasn't seen her boyfriend in several weeks and has a very special dinner planned. Read More
Lorraine is sold to a group of men who plan to use and abuse her as they see fit. NOTE: THIS STORY MAY OFFEND, I ALSO WISH NOT TO ENDORSE THE ACTIONS TAKEN BY SOME OF THE FICTIONAL CHARACTERS. Read More
Today, my Lady gave me the best head job ever. In less than 30 minutes – She had me screaming and creaming! Read More

Tags: babe, bj

EXPLICIT EROTICA Adult Readers Only Please Do Not Read If Under Your Country’s Legal Age .... Who wouldnt like to be awoken in such a loving way Read More
Young guy has his first gay experience on a secluded Hawaiian beach. Read More

Tags: gay, beach, oral, seduced, hawaii, bj

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