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Thomas gets utterly humiliated at the rugby club when the entire team decide to strip him naked and give him the bumps for his 32nd birthday in front of the entire bar packed with patrons Read More
Jayne isn't getting satisfied by her husband and so decided to take advice and look elsewhere. Read More
It's Sherri's birthday and her long-time boyfriend is going make a long-held fantasy come true - and it's a total surprise for her! Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

A story about a doll possessed by the soul of a witch!! Read More
This is a story I wrote for a partner based on our own experiences, adding some imagination to expand on the theme. It tells the tale of a Birthday night out which starts innocently enough but takes our male down a path of unexpected fear and awakening an area of… Read More
Birthday Boy is greeted by the sight of his sultry mom in the family’s private garden. It's the only son's 20th birthday and he eyes his mom, who is nude picking flowers. His mind runs wild. Tension builds between mother and son after her hot kiss and she appears to… Read More

Short Story / Adult Romance

November 21, 2016

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

The lovers have some rough hardcore bondage sex as a birthday preset. Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

When i was invited oover to Caitlins for some lunch, i dont know who enjoyed the suprise more. Read More
The author of this poem tells us what happened to him at this party that he and his friends were having. Read More
The author of this haiku poem tells us how would like to wish Mila Kunis a happy birthday. Read More
This short story shows us one of the many ways that couples do to spice up their marriage. Read More
For Naudin's birthday, his wife reveals all of her long and varied sexual life, which he and she now enjoy recreating weekly. Read More
The twins decide to go on the run from the father that they seduced only to end up in a prostitute mansion making porn! Read More
Tilly and Elsie's birthday gets more interesting when they start to do a little show for their adoptive father Read More
Tilly and Elsie are twins celebrating their 18th birthday with a bit of naughty fun Read More
Saturn Girl spots Mon-El doing something unlike being a Legionnaire while on monitor duty. Read More
After she gets home, Lois Lane starts having some alone time in the shower before Superman shows up. Read More
A song I made about a girl who betrayed me. The song title is her birthday. Read More
Just a random song I made before I ate lunch. I make random songs like this all the time. Read More
this is my "4 A Young" freestyle pt 2 dedicated to Dove Cam'ron since she turned 18 today:} Read More
This is my birthday fantasy. I realize i rushed this but im happy with what i have provided Read More
You know that one event that changes a person. Well I've had some, it all started when I was born or maybe when I was two, or maybe, well I shouldn't get ahead of my self. I shouldn't be telling you this, it's dangerous! So if you want to know… Read More
This is a continuation of "Homework Help". Student/teacher romance, basically. Please like and comment, since I'm probably going to hell for some of the things I wrote ;) Read More
A birthday party that he though was going to be him and his wife at a motel room for night of fun. It turns into a room full of men and his wife that give him a birthday spankings to start the party. So read this story to find out… Read More
After the crew of the Enterprise throw her a wonderful surprise birthday party,Deanna Troi goes into her quarters and encounters a strange bright light that transports her to a whole other place. Read More
Brent grants Leah's wildest sex fantasies each birthday, and this year he will do anything to leave her satisfied... Read More
Welcome to Shar's life and the lives of her wildly different clients. Read More
Ichi and ken have been friends for years, but ichi has always felt something more than friendship for ken. on the day of his birthday, ken gives ichi a birthday present he will always remember. Read More

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