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You never know what you will find revisiting those numbers in the little black book... Read More

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The The Humiliation Board House

Jake takes our poor unfortunate hero to visit his ex-girlfriend. Meanwhile, the poor humiliated kid shares some of his worse experiences with us. Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

My new blended family was me and my two step-daddies; perversity developed a new category, bi daddies and their whorette daughter. Read More
matt sees an suv for sale. Read More

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Grayson meets Walt on a gay dating app, and goes to meet him while they explore their fantasies together. Grayson has a sub side he wants to explore with Walt. But what happens when Lynn stumbles on their affair? Read More

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Set in an epic fantasy type world, this story focuses on the life of the Royal concubines in the nation of Rhiala. Adversity: a state or instance of serious or continued difficulty or misfortune. (courtesy of my Great-Great-Great Uncle Noah Webster's book) What is a story without adversity to overcome?… Read More

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Sometimes I wonder what a girl would be like to love Read More

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Left somewhat sensitive and very paranoid Ms. Leila Harris finds her trusted secretary brings more to the table than the coffee she needs. A happy personality and colorful dress hiding the leather covered mistress she so desperately needed. As they say in power, submit for stress least that's how… Read More
With Aureie having a hard time resisting she can see first hand that Ellia isn't so bothered by her additional part. Getting to enjoy her properly leads to more desperation but of course the sensitive Aureie isn't entirely broken of her nervous ways that takes time. Read More

Tags: lesbian, bi, sci-fi, futa

(Just a note this was intended to be a one shot, got a little long had to break it up) In a world where things are familiar but different Aureie (Or-ey) finds herself alone when she wants it the least. She's always been simply called, unique when it came to… Read More
Trish is divorced and suffering from empty nest syndrome. She needs a new life. Why not the one she's stumbled into? Read More

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Story is about passion, temptation, and one woman's sexual awakening. Read More

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An adventurous couple crosses several boundaries. Read More

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Cursed to be female during the day and male at night, Adain fights against his own blossoming feelings for his male best friend. Read More

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i had always been bi, i knew since i was young i was attracted to men and women. i used women as just a back up plan or some one just to please me. i used men when i wanted a relationship. but since i got out of a seriously… Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

It is so difficult to meet someone. I had all but given up on these feelings I have bottled up inside. Then I found the personals section and there he was.The ad read as follows: "Retired professor seeking younger man to grow a friendship with". Read More
Right after graduation Samantha is forced to move with her mom back to Florida.While her mom recovers from a nasty divorce Samantha begins to discover herself. Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Tiffany is on her fifth year as a secretary and while she knows her boss is attracted to her there are a couple other secrets to be found. Read More
Amy only used to kiss boys. But then she met Meg... Read More

Book / General Erotica

December 11, 2014

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Tara is a big girl and is so sexually frustrated but with no one to releave her. What happens when all her fantasys start coming true. Read More

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Yeah, you guessed it, I have an enormous crush on my older brother, have for years. Nobody knows it but me and my best friend Danny. I know, I'm pathetic, I should be dating, oh, anybody else, but no, I'm hung up on Jace. I don't want to feel like… Read More
Cheerleaders, secret parties, and...chocolate cake? Read More
Lurid deceptions, sexy emotional tug-of-war. Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

How dare he call her a prude?... Well she'd show him! Freya's indignance at being called a prude by her boyfriend spurs her into action to prove otherwise. Little does she know the rollercoaster ride and sexual adventure she is about to embark on! Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

[ON HIATUS] Shawn just graduated high school and is looking forward to a happier life, one with less fear and suffering. The people he meets and the choices he makes bring him joy and pain. He has to find a safe path when he is unsure who is a true… Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Moving back home for the summer didn't seem exciting to Jay, but then his younger brother Connor walked in the room. WTF?! Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

If you're gay in 1926, you're definitely in the closet. John hasn't met very many guys like him, but hot summer nights can be magical. Sometimes you really can have it all. Read More
I can hardly believe that we only just met an hour ago, purely by chance and borne from a cheeky, throw away comment. Now here we are, together in my bed… Our lips part company for just a moment and she murmurs softly. “Oh my God… You turn me on… Read More

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