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February 13, 2023

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Lacey was fifteen years old when her drug addict mother died of an overdose. With not having any family to take care of her, she ran away before child welfare took her into foster care. For nearly six years, she’s survived being homeless. One night, she witnesses crime boss Evan… Read More

Tags: sex, love, murder, betrayal

A young woman looks forward to some R & R only to discover an awakening to remember. Read More

Featured Review by Hobby

"An awesome story here Amy, featuring just the right amount of sex mixed with revenge and lust. Loved reading it!" Read More

Aura has always had a fascination with the art of medicine and when suddenly the love of her life is attacked by wolves and a doctor must travel to her home to save his life, she finds her opportunity to see her dream job and his work performed up close.… Read More
Everyone thinks they know how Lady Jane died, but when Alicia Belle comes to Ruthlock Manor, she finds herself being drawn into something dark and mysterious. A highwayman, a curse, and a portrait of a lady who was once the lady of the mansion. What would you do if a… Read More
This is the final version of the short story My Drive Home. This story tells the side of Mr. Gates AKA Jason Ellis. After reading this version you’ll think twice about judging a book by its cover. This version starts with a bang and a rush of emotions will immediately… Read More
In version 1 you will have the opportunity to meet the hard working wife who seeks attention from her husband. This storyline was writing from multiple angles while staying true to the main character. You will read this story and immediately want to know more about the other characters. This… Read More
The title of this one line piece happens to be what one man is asking his bride to be after he catches her cheating with another guy. Read More
In this one line piece, one woman sneaks a peek at what her man has been doing with another. Read More
In this haiku poem, we find out what it is that two women are doing with each other before they get caught. Read More
One woman allows a young man to do something with her before another woman barges in. Read More

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The Room 501 House

This one haiku is a way to show why it's bad luck for the groom to see his bride before the wedding. Read More
This etheree poem is about what one man has seen in the kitchen after returning home with his baby. Read More
Three male friends on vacation go inside a supposed abandoned building only to have them see that it really is not abandoned at all. Read More
In this triquain poem, we see a woman giving a new meaning to the phrase 'kicking a man while he's down'. Read More
In this one line short story, one woman sees what her husband has been doing with another woman in the bathtub and behind her back. Read More

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The Room 501 House

In this free verse poem, a guy comes home from work and decides to take a shower only to find out that his wife has other ideas. Read More
In this terza rima poem, one guy goes to sleep and wakes up in another man's life which suddenly becomes worse. Read More
This one line short story is about what a man sees about his wife... something that she had kept hidden from him. Read More
In this one line short story, a woman spots her husband catching her doing something behind his back. Read More
The author of this four line poem finds out too late that it is sometimes not a good idea to rescue a damsel in distress. Read More

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The Room 501 House

In this 111 word etheree poem, a guy walks into the bathroom to check on his wife only to catch her having sex with another man. Read More
This four line poem is about what a woman sees going on inside her young daughter's bedroom. Read More
A woman goes to get her husband for Thanksgiving dinner and receives quite a shock in this nove otto poem. Read More

Script / Adult Romance

October 03, 2018

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

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The Room 501 House

This one line short story shows us what a man sees his wife doing behind his back. Read More

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The Room 501 House

The title of this one line short story is what one woman would say to another for she mad the second woman's lover betray her. Read More

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The Room 501 House

One woman gets shocked by seeing what another woman is doing in bed in this one line short story. Read More
A guy sees a shocking scene while he's there to watch a new movie with some friends in this one line short story. Read More

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