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We find out how the John of "she was only a hooker" was turned into a cold blooded killer. Read More
Chapter 2 of Butterflies of the Night. Our hero, Justin Cadbury, and his travelling companion, Angus, have arrived for an overnight stay in Singapore before flying out to Indonesia the following morning. After arriving at their hotel in Singapore around 6:00pm they find themselves a couple of hours later in… Read More
**Completed Novella** Holly has a secret crush on the Marine recruiter. When opportunity knocks will she seize the momment or let it pass her by? Read More
This is a tale of a random night out I had in Glasgow where, unfortunately, I succumbed to one of human's greatest vices; alcohol. Some people call it a sin, I call it an opportunity. This is the broken condom story. Read More
A vehicle spray painter learns women speak in code about wanting their kitchen painted. Read More

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