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A man has had an affair with a girl eighteen years younger than himself. When their relationship comes to an end, he thinks that the secrecy and the risks they took to have sex all belong to the past. But, unfortunately, he is wrong... Read More

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Frank Poireau is a Brussels University student. Because of his quite special and exceptional anatomy, a medicine student comes to see him. Dirk Peetermans proposes a business deal to Frank. After some hesitation, the latter agrees to join the future doctor in his quite special venture... Read More
Another in the series of Top Ten sex things women should know about men Read More

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"I wanna ah... oh... ohh... with you..." Read More

Tags: kiss, bed, suck, rub, stroking

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Finding passion on a Sunday morning... Read More

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An apology for a late Valentine for....... Read More

Tags: sex, love, bed, valentine

Poem / General Erotica

December 14, 2015

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This Poem is dedicated to my one true love Moonglow. May she ever shines in (waxing) and out (waning) of my life like the actual Moon in the sky. Can’t help myself. She is my Moon. Read More

Tags: love, heart, moon, bed, glow

Panic stricken and lost in grief from losing my husband , I run to our favourite place. He's dead, he's gone, but he's there waiting for me Read More
Tilly and Elsie are twins celebrating their 18th birthday with a bit of naughty fun Read More
An excerpt from DOMINATED: THE TROPHY WIFE'S AFFAIR... this is the beginning to the final sex scene between Liam and Jessica. The book is available FOR FREE TODAY at Read More
Just a story... hopefully you'll find it funny? Read More
Hannah was his best friend, and the girl of his dreams. During the hottest summer on record, Jason, an attractive young man, finds that she actually "digs" him. As does mysterious Alice, and Sexy Jenny. What a hot summer he has ahead of him! Read More
When Chloe meets Sky, she immediately falls for her. Gorgeous, funny and wiling to defend Chloe's on, she knows that she just has to get Sky into bed. And then, before she knows what is happening, Sky moves in. The first part in hopefully many instalments that will tell every… Read More

Poem / General Erotica

June 20, 2014

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As I lie in bed dreaming and waiting for you Read More
Loving and sex, just stating the obvious Read More
We start our morning in a bed, end the night with a bed, cuddle with someone we love in a bed and snuggle the pillow when we cry in a bed... That is what a bed is for, for us... But with Samantha, "The Bed" means to her more than… Read More

Poem / General Erotica

April 19, 2013

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Rainy days, slow nights, or boring days lets hop in bed ;3 heehee Read More
They met over the internet, and over time grew close. They finally meet face to face, and it's an encounter that neither was expecting. Read More

Tags: internet, bath, bed, travel

Part two to Lily's and Mr Somerhalders meetings. Read More

Poem / General Erotica

August 22, 2012

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a very romantic exsplore of ones body Read More

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Katie has a fun time with her sister Read More

Tags: sex, rape, lesbian, naked, girl, bed

Lily had the hots for her roommate's boyfriend so what's a girl to do when he shows up in her bedroom one night? Read More
Megan 17, has a lustful secret and it has to do with her bestfriend Jacob 19, she plans to lose her virginity to him but meg not knowing Jacob was planing on taking it anyways. READ AND FIND OUT MORE Read More

Poem / Poetry

January 25, 2012

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Extreme sexual content... If you are not a fan of sexual talk,sexual things,sexual poems,adult material..any thing in the sexual nature... I advise you not to read this poem Read More

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Consensual Pleasure Read More
First piece I've submitted, will appreciate constructive criticism. From a woman's view. She's wearing a blindfold to 'spice up' her love life (how I justify it anyway :P). Read More

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