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Poem / Poetry

October 25, 2020

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Tags: beauty, light

Beautification story about a girl who becomes a goddess... Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Prince Jonathan White was back in town, and he was holding one of his infamous "balls" - again. Louisa Morgan was NOT impressed, she hated the man for all his money, extravagance, egotistical ideas and luxury. While most of his balls and events were boring, this one was different, this… Read More
“He was fast becoming the excitement of a tomorrow I never used to look forward to.” Unknown Author Read More
A man in a safe government job has three beautiful daughters and goes to visit his country cousin. But what will he be like when they meet him? Really, they don't know. They're not even sure what he looks like for when they get to the airport at the other… Read More

Poem / Adult Romance

December 04, 2015

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

When love is young or old it knows no bounds,the seduction and the power of love are intoxicating as the chemistry of two devoted and passionate lovers embrace in a cauldron of desire.When you are in love with someone there is never a second when don't pine for them.Whilst loving… Read More
The Barbie doll is an image which many young and older women have adopted since their childhood.It's the image to go where they think that society embraces their false looks. In reality there is an element of conformity attached to their choice of image because due to their insecurity,vanity and… Read More
The author of this short story tells us what his ideal camping trip happens to be. Read More
In this poem, I shall answer the question of who I would let myself haunt if I were a ghost. Read More
A man sees something he likes at a party his best friend talks him into attending. Read More
The author of this poem tells us what happens after he sees a woman get out of a swimming pool. Read More
A man sees a beautiful woman smiling at him before going inside the house. Read More
A female doctor prescribes an unusual type of treatment for a man who has no choice but to visit her clinic. Read More
After he gets off working a late shift, a man in a rush to get home takes a shortcut through Central Park before discovering that he is not alone. Read More
I am using this poem to tell you what my sexy imagination happens to be. Read More
This little poem of mine is in honor of Mister Rod Serling, creator of The Twilight Zone and the Night Gallery. Read More
This short story is a fictional letter to the lead singer of the band Jefferson Airplane. Read More
A man finds himself surrendering to the power of wanton sex. Read More
A man describes what happened when he saw his best friend naked at a party. Read More
The tale of a beautiful woman kept as a pet by a dragon is being told by the way of this 30-line poem. Read More
This short story tells the story of a guy who goes to a house for shelter and discovers that it is not deserted. Read More
This short story deals with sexual threesome and amateur pornography. Read More
A happily married woman moves into a new house and finds herself drawn to another woman living across the street. Read More
A man comes home from work and gets one hell of a sudden surprise in the living room. Read More
A female clerk gets herself into a sticky situation with a male janitor when she goes to get some supplies and steps into the wrong room. Read More
A woman's free time at the pool gets interrupted by the arrival of a young stud. Read More
A man gets a pleasant surprise when he goes into the kitchen for some breakfast. Read More
After defeating a barbarian for getting in his way, a young traveling warrior is taken to see a queen. Read More

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