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Where do I go now in middle age? Do my vows said before God still hold me when a spouse has cheated and been abusive? Read More

Poem / General Erotica

February 16, 2015

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The BDSM Erotica House

Fictionalized account of husband treating wife as property. Read More

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The BDSM Erotica House

Why the change Without an agreement To rearrange Our marital bed, making it indecent? Nine years and before, Gentle and caring, Seems you want a rectal ride, queer? Is for flare? Later on down the road, Tied me up, You bestowed Bruises and bleeding you snubbed but not with a… Read More
Stream of consciousness writing about a descendent of Mary Magdalene dreaming what her earliest ancestress must have felt like being with Jesus while having her hand being hit with a ruler because she writes with the left one in modern times. Space time continuum of sensual pleasures shared with the… Read More

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