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Wonder Woman watches her sister amazons get savagely raped by a large group of sinister smiling men...and can not stop enjoying it. Read More
As soon as she spots the Batman swinging away from the Catwoman's apartment,the Huntress enters the place and gives Selina Kyle something special for her birthday. Read More
After Commissioner Gordon tells him that the Catwoman has gone back to her criminal ways,the Batman goes to comfront her,only to discover what her latest target is. Read More
The mysterious woman now has Batman's "sample" and will soon reveal her evil plan to bring the Caped Crusader down. Batman, having narrowly escaped the three gorgeous vixens, finds his belt at the bottom of Gotham Harbor but has little time left before the henchwoman's boss finishes her deed. Read More
Batman is now at the mercy of three beautiful women. Struggling and fighting to free himself of their clutches, he now faces a new threat, or three. Meanwhile, the mysterious henchwoman edges closer to presenting her reclusive boss with her prized "sample." Read More
A sexually thrilling plot unfolds as a mysterious henchwoman appears in Gotham, seeking the help of one of Batman's deadliest villainesses, Poison Ivy. Together, they want to humiliate the Dark Knight and bring him down, not before the woman gets what she wants. I do not own any rights to… Read More

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