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Stories of stepsons and stepdaughters and husbands having their bottoms bared and soundly spanked by their strict stepmother's/wives who believe in spankings no matter how old you are. Read More

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A selection of fictional tales involving the author who gets a stepfather who believes in spankings with no upper age limit and Andrew soon finds himself on the recieving end of his stepfather's spankings. Like the author Andrew is also a spanko. The cover image is that of the author. Read More
Stories about naughty sons, husbands and boyfriend's who find themselves with their bottoms bared for a sound spanking. Read More
This collection of short stories are spanking fantasies involving the author based on incidents from my childhood that nearly ended in a spanking only these stories change the way it originally happened and instead the spanking happened and another where he wished he was spanked. Some names have been changed… Read More
a selection of stories where naughty wives, mother's, daughters and girlfriends get spanked on their bare bottoms Read More
Stories of adult sons asking to be spanked instead as a form of discipline instead of grounding Read More
After Steven's father left for another woman he has gone of the rails staying out late and getting into trouble and his mother knows he needs a father figure and she meets Kevin and they Mary and Steven finds out he is never too old for a spanking when his… Read More

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