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Andrew has found a new girlfriend at the Saint-Troyan fair. He goes to see and fuck her in her studio but he doesn't succeed in making her cum. One day, after he has fucked her, she helps herself. When she comes, Andrew gets the fright of his life... Read More
Two teenagers put their first steps on the path of sexually exploring each other's bodies. For the boy, there is no problem. The girl is more cautious, and she has some conditions before they begin their lustful play... Read More

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There is consternation in the parish of Saint-George. A kindergarten teacher died unexpectedly. Her funeral is disrupted by the presence of a strange blonde woman that no one knows... Read More
Penny decides to teach Sheldon a little lesson later one evening when they have the apartment to themselves... ;) Veeerryyy smutty! Read More
Atomic and Violence are back with a day full of interesting events. Read More
Christy is dating a truck driver and is mad because he is always gone. However, when he comes home they share a night of great sex. Recommended for adults age 18 and over. Read More

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A girl gets fucked. Do you need to know more? Read More

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