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The twins decide to go on the run from the father that they seduced only to end up in a prostitute mansion making porn! Read More
A moment of lust when two people come together as their minds have nothing else but raw delirious lust for each other's bodies. Read More
He wanted to sink his balls into her corner pocket. She just wanted to be a tease with his stick. Read More
Woman vantures into the world of affairs Read More
The story of Jordan Pike, The Infanticidal Maniac and the Balls that changed his life. Read More
A farm girl floats naked down the river. She gets scared thinking about what might lurk around the dark reed beds of the river but maybe there is a greater danger waiting outside of the water. Will the handsome farm manager save her in time or is he part of… Read More
Another session with Mistress and the sweetness she exudes...this is just a normal night, for us anyway... Read More
Its all about the tags you add to your stories. Watch this space and see my profile hits. Without anything truly worthwhile to shout about other than a few words like sex, suck, lick, cunny lingus, bdsm etc... Just keep checking my profile and I will prove myself correct. Apart… Read More

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